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Good coping skills enable employees to meet the many challenges of life. People who cope well are positive resources to everyone, personally and professionally.

It's not easy to sort out the toughest problems. COPE's certified employee assistance professionals (CEAPs) work to remove the barriers that prevent employees from doing their best. We provide individual, managerial and organizational solutions that focus on the most important asset - people.

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Think you're stressed?

Take our 21-question Stress Test and learn how chronic stress can accelerate the aging process.
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We've launched iCOPE!

For over 35 years, COPE Inc. has provided exceptional counseling to the employees of private, public, and international organizations in the greater Washington, DC area. Now everyone can receive the same quality care through our new service, iCOPE Counseling and Consultation. To schedule an appointment or for more information about iCOPE, call 202-349-2383 or email